Past Shows

Recent years

No performances 2020-2021 due to the closure of theatres during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019    My Fair Lady


2018    Oklahoma!


2017    The Mikado


2016    Singin' in the Rain


2015    The Pirates of Penzance


2014    Sweeney Todd


2013    Anything Goes


2012    Guys and Dolls


2011    Into the Woods


2010    The Pajama Game

+ Love, Grief and Joy at the Savoy

2009    The Pirates of Penzance


2008    My Fair Lady


2007    Kiss Me, Kate


2006    Me and My Girl


2005    Fiddler on the Roof


2004    Oklahoma!


2003    Anything Goes


2002    Carousel


2001    Hello, Dolly!


2000    The Mikado

1960s to 1990s

1999    My Fair Lady


1998    Iolanthe


1997    The Merry Widow


1996    The Music Man


1995    Oklahoma!

           Time for Song & Laughter


1994    Half a Sixpence


1993    The Gipsy Baron

           The Sound of His Music


1992    The Pirates of Penzance

           A Funny Thing Happened

              on the Way to the Forum


1991    Show Boat

           A Portrait of Porter


1990    Viva Mexico


1989    Fiddler on the Roof

           The Magic of Mercer


1988    Hello, Dolly!

           A Showful of Show Songs


1987    Kiss Me, Kate

           The Sound of Gershwin


1986    The Gondoliers

           A Showful of Show Songs

1985    Annie Get Your Gun

           Meet Mr Kern


1984    Orpheus in the Underworld

           20th Century Song Parade


1983    The Yeomen of the Guard


1982    The Merry Widow


1981    The Pajama Game


1980    The Sorcerer

           Trial By Jury


1979    Die Fledermaus


1978    The White Horse Inn


1977    The Mikado


1976    Show Boat


1975    Viva Mexico


1974    The New Moon


1973    Fiddler on the Roof


1972    Oklahoma!


1971    Iolanthe

           Passion Flower


1970    La Vie Parisienne

           Die Fledermaus


1969    Utopia, Ltd.


1968    Orpheus in the Underworld


1967    The Vagabond King

           Free As Air


1966    The Gipsy Baron


1965    The White Horse Inn


1964    The Merry Widow


1963    The Gondoliers


1962    Ruddigore


1961    The Rebel Maid


1960    The Mikado

Early years

1959    Tom Jones


1958    Princess Ida


1957    Iolanthe


1956    Trial by Jury

           HMS Pinafore


1955    The Yeomen of the Guard


1954    The Gondoliers


1953    Merrie England


1952    The Mikado


No performances from 1935-1951 due to the closure of the St. George's Theatre and the Second World War.


1934    The Rebel Maid


1933    Cox and Box

           The Pirates of Penzance


1932    The Geisha


1931    The Gondoliers


1930    The Yeomen of the Guard


1929    The Duchess of Danzig


1928    Trial By Jury

           HMS Pinafore


1927    Princess Ida


1926    Utopia, Ltd.


1925    The Mikado


1924    The Gondoliers


1923    Iolanthe


1922    The Pirates of Penzance

No performances from 1915-1921 due to the First World War and its aftermath.


1914    The Yeomen of the Guard


1913    Ruddigore


1912    The Princess of Kensington


1911    Merrie England


1910    The Gondoliers


1909    The Mikado


1908    Iolanthe


1907    Patience

Between 1907 and 2019, from Patience to My Fair Lady, Canterbury Operatic Society performed 48 different musicals, plus a number of 'compilation shows' devised locally.


Unsurprisingly, we have performed the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan more than any other shows - they do have a head start on most of the rest of our repertoire after all!  Over the years, all of their survivng operas have been put on stage by the Society with the exception of The Grand Duke. The Mikado leads the pack with seven productions over the years.  


In more recent years, although Gilbert and Sullivan are far from forgotten, we tend to perform (comparatively) more modern musicals.  Oklahoma!, My Fair Lady and Fiddler on the Roof have so far proved the most popular of these shows.