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My Fair Lady - 30th April-4th May 2019

Info for cast and crew

Cast list:


Eliza Doolittle - Alice Martin

Henry Higgins - David Bedford

Colonel Pickering - Derry Martin

Alfred Doolittle - Colin Epps

Mrs Pearce - Shirley Cook

Mrs Higgins - Angela Bowden

Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Nathan Drake

Mrs Eynsford-Hill - Sue Canney

Zoltan Karpathy - Jamie Mount

Harry - Mark Dunt

Jamie - Jamie Mount

Mrs Hopkins - Leanne Hardy

Queen of Transylvania - Margaret Jones

Higgins' Maids - Leanne Hardy, Alice Vane, Grace Newton

Higgins' Butler - Rob Francis

Higgins' Footman - Jamie Mount

Flower Girls - Grace Newton, Leanne Hardy

Buskers - Margaret Jones, Laura Cameron, Peter Lassman

Mrs Higgins' maid - Laura Cameron

Ballroom Footman - Rob Francis

Lady Tarrington - Julie Goodchild

Lord Tarrington - Bill Brand

Lady Boxington - Julie Goodchild

Lord Boxington - Bill Brand

Charles (Chauffeur) - Peter Lassman

George (Bartender) - Mark Dunt

Selsey Man - Peter Lassman

Hoxton Man - Jamie Mount

Cockneys - Rob Francis, Jamie Mount, Mark Dunt

Policeman - Peter Lassman

Ensemble - Claire Banham, Gemma Craft, Jessica de Sausmarez, Madeline Parker, Alison Hinton, Grace Newton, Josie Field, Nicola Jarrett, Julie Goodchild, Courtney Jones, Katie Hydon, Margaret Jones, Leanne Hardy, Helena Mee, Pat Nutter, Alice Vane, Mariah Young, Rosie Cullen, Laura Cameron, Sue Canney, Mark Dunt, Jamie Mount, Robert Francis, Peter Lassman


Creatives and crew:


Director - Ray Howes

Musical Director - Tony Matthews

Production Assistant - Wendy Wiltshire

Choreographer - Courtney Jones

Stage Manager - To be confirmed

Deputy Stage Manager - Delyse Hayward

Wardrobe - Linda McCann

Stage Crew - To be confirmed

Props - Mary Hixson

Sound - Astra Sounds

Lighting Design - Roger Davis

Set - Scenic Projects Ltd

Rehearsal Pianist - John Mitchell

Poster/Programme - Gemma Craft/Courtney Jones

January rehearsals

Friday 18th Jan (All Saints)


Act 1, Sc 7 (Ascot)

Act 1, Sc 11 (Ballroom)

Act 2, Sc 3 (Covent Garden market)


Tuesday 22nd Jan (Archbishop's)

Act 2, Sc 4 (pp 112-118)

Higgins, Mrs Pearce, Pickering

Act 2, Sc 5 (pp 119-129)

Higgins, Mrs Higgins, Eliza, Mrs Higgins' Maid


Friday 25th Jan (All Saints)

Act 2, Sc 2 (pp 99-102)

Freddy, Eliza

Act 2, Sc 6-7

Higgins, Eliza

PLUS Full Company for choreography.


Overflow choreography and blocking, full company on standby 29th Jan and 1st Feb.